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Digital technology is directly responsible for causing major psychological, smartphone behaviours and performance issues as many people simply overindulge in the practice which results in diversion of attentioin their academic and professional duties and focus more towards playing games and indulging in entertainment. The main reason linked to overindulgence is the availability of the gadgets that allow access to the entertainment thus allowing users to access the games and other entertainment at any time or at any place thus hampering day to day operations and living. Games are causing major complications linked to personal and professional lives as people get distracted webapex.net by the games resulting in them wasting considerable time on entertainment as opposed to focusing on their work.


Features driving behavior issues

The smartphone has been pinpointed as a major contributor towards reduced performance but there are certain features within the smartphone that cause more distractions as opposed to others. Below are some smartphone behaviours features which are directly linked to reduced productivity and performance.


Most smartphones today come with inbuilt games for but there are hundreds of other applications available on the Google play store and other app stores online where games can be downloaded. This abundance of free games has resulted in them being installed on the smartphones thus delivering users with unlimited entertainment which leads many young people to focus more towards the games as opposed to practical and day to day life needs. The gaming feature on smartphones has gone one step further by interconnecting players via the internet which has further increased competitiveness which has resulted in further addiction towar westernmagazine.org ds playing the games.


Internet access is another feature that is contributing towards drastic behaviour changes as many people are viewing content published on the internet which exposes them to other cultures which results in them picking behaviours from the cultures and practice them in their own. While international exposure is important, it’s important to remember there is both positive and nega ysin.org tive content on the internet, thus internet users can easily be misled to pick bad behaviours. The internet can, therefore, be linked directly to 


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another feature that is contributing towards drastic behaviour